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  • Available Anywhere

    BrainBart is available on any device, enabling you to learn any where, anytime (even when you are not connected to the Internet).

  • Amazing UX & UI

    A great learning experience is critical to make an amazing student out of you. BrainBart's User Experience and User Interface is simple, easy and seemless.

  • "So proud of how you guys work. I enjoy seeing your tweets and your engagement. You earn your success"- @trevorcornwell

  • Progress Management

    Progress Management sounds complicated, but BrainBart makes it simple - figure out what you completed and tell you what is left.

  • Reach Global Community

    When you teach a lesson, share it with friends, family on facebook and twitter - in short, reach multiple students across the planet.

  • "Good luck! I'm rooting for you. #apps #mobile"- @matthewgonzales

  • Simple Technology

    Simple technology to solve cimplicated problems. BrainBart is available on most of the android tablets, including the $35 tablets.

  • Creative Teaching

    Use your tablet like a whiteboard, add pictures, sound and create amazing lessons.

  • "You Receive The First Prize For Connecting At Appbackr. Some Developers Can Learn From You! Crowdfunding Is All About Connecting!"- @crowdfundpeople